Case Studies

Persistent Technologies' list of customers range from small startups to large Fortune 100 companies. The markets these companies serve vary greatly. Regardless of the size of the company or their targeted market, our objective is always the same: affordable solutions, satisfied customers, and exceptional service.

IT Infrastructure Modernization Case Studies

"Like most small business owners, I prefer spending most of my time on generating revenue and far less time dealing with, and worrying about, the technology I rely on to help run my business.

Issues such as system availability, data protection, security, operational costs, and management efforts have been a major concern.

For years I have worried about the integrity of our data. Our server was old and on its last leg; it would constantly need rebooting and each user would periodically disconnect from the server. This would interrupt our operations weekly.

Even though we backed up nightly, if anything happened to wipe out our data, it would take weeks or months to reconfigure and would have a disastrous effect on our business. Our data is key to the success of our business; without it, we are lost.

During the course of my job I travel and have not previously been able to access the records needed when visiting customers or at conferences. To compensate, I would have to printout a hard copy in preparation for our meetings. But of course, something else would be needed in the field and we couldn’t access it immediately.

In addition, when out and about, I would on occasion receive a call from an irate customer which would necessitate the ability to access a particular record or account. As I didn’t have the capability to do so at the time, I would have to travel back to the office or get back to them the next day. In some cases, this was problematic and resulted in the loss of business.

I contacted Persistent Technologies to see if they could provide an effective solution to our problems. They came on site and we sat down and went over in detail our operations and difficulties we were experiencing.

To address my concerns, Persistent Technologies designed and implemented an elegant and cost effective solution leveraging Windows 10 and various Microsoft cloud offerings – Office 365, Intune, and Azure. The implementation effort was minimal on our part and the transition was basically seamless.

Key benefits from this conversion effort include:

  • Access to enterprise grade productivity tools for a small monthly fee
  • Secure anywhere access to email and documents
  • Controlled email and document access from my iPad and iPhone
  • Intellectual property document protection
  • Ability to easily add new users (employees)
  • Instantaneous access to new features without any incremental cost
  • Guaranteed availability with an SLA > 99%
  • Peace of mind our custom application is available and secure running in the
  • Greater confidence in ability to defend against cyber-attacks

As a result, I literally sleep better at night knowing that our data is secure.

In addition, when needed, we now have the ability to access our information, real time, from anywhere on the globe with our mobile devices, which allows us to respond to our customer’s needs in real time.

I would highly recommend the services of Persistent Technologies for any size business."

-- President/CEO, Biopharm Connect

Conversions/Upgrades Services Case Studies

"The stainless steel processing line that I support plays a crucial role to the financial success of our company. It is the world’s first fully integrated stainless finishing facility and the only one of its kind operating in North America. As a result of the line’s complexity and sophistication, the associated Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Information Technology (IT) system plays a vital role in optimizing quality, productivity, and product consistency.

Improvements, changes, and adaptations of the production process, as well as maintenance requirements changes, have constantly dictated the need for growth of the HMI/IT system. However after 12 plus years of operation, the system had started to reach its capacity limits. In addition, the ability to maintain both hardware and software was becoming increasingly more difficult.

It had become evident that the HMI/IT system needed upgraded to assure future success. However, as a result of performing such an upgrade, reducing both risk and downtime was vital. We needed a final design that started up smoothly, had increased capacity, and was easy to maintain. In addition, a smooth efficient migration path was critical to help control costs.

Although several parties were involved, Persistent Technologies (PT) played a vital role in the success of this rather lengthy and complicated project. The services offered by PT included hardware and software systems design, network and security infrastructure design, custom software conversion, migration path design, and custom migration utilities. PT also provided extremely valuable startup and troubleshooting assistance. In addition PT continues to provide assistance in maintaining our systems.

Although we needed to embrace new technologies and make certain technology paradigm shifts, we felt very comfortable in doing so. We feel we have a system that will serve us well for years to come. In the end, the services provided by Persistent Technologies helped us obtain all of our goals for this project. As with most companies cost is always a concern. PT has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve from a technological standpoint while keeping our full time staff at a cost effective level. We look forward to a continued relationship."

-- Senior Process Engineer, Allegheny Ludlum

"Our company relies heavily on a project management software system that we have designed and refined over a course of several years. This system had been tailored to meet our specific needs and has played a key role in the success of the various types of projects that we execute. In the past, we had used in-house resources to achieve our targeted functionality.

After several man-years of use and ongoing enhancements, the decision was made to convert/upgrade the system. The original outdated system design (which was based on Access Forms) was presenting us with a number of challenges and needed overhauled. Our primary goals for this project were to:

  • Minimize conversion and deployment efforts
  • Maximize software and database maintainability
  • Increase reach to the user community
  • Provide a user friendly interface
  • End up with a “future proof” design

Persistent Technologies helped us achieve these goals in a timely, cost-effective manner. We are confident the new design by Persistent Technologies (which leverages ASP.NET AJAX and the AJAX Control Toolkit) will have a long design life cycle that will serve our needs for quite some time. Persistent Technologies also helped us realize a new database interface approach to help ensure long-term consistency, stability, and maintainability of our crucial project data.

Persistent Technologies’ expertise helped make this conversion project a success!"

-- Manager of Automation, Continental Design and Management Group

Custom/Integrated Line-of-Business Solutions Case Studies

"Mind Matters Technologies, Inc. chose Persistent Technologies to provide the initial platform development for our revolutionary enterprise-class intellectual property management software system, Innovator™. Like any venture startup, we were resource constrained and needed to carefully manage software development costs to allow more funds to be applied to sales and marketing. Quick development turnaround was also crucial. Our goals were lofty: We wanted an engaging application that properly implemented our proprietary functionality, had global scalability & reliability, and would be well-suited for a large, collaborative user community.

Working closely with our team, Persistent developed the initial beta software for Innovator™. Additionally, Persistent provided considerable direction and guidance with respect to the overall design architecture of our solution, ensuring it would ultimately have the scalability and flexibility we desired. They helped us achieve our initial goals and provided what was then one of the first enterprise applications to use AJAX.

Persistent’s expertise and understanding of the latest technology allowed us to take our conceptual ideas and efficiently turn them into a framework for a world class enterprise solution that worked right the first time. Within six months we were able to successfully deploy and prototype Innovator™ at a Fortune 100 company. After completion of the prototyping phase, our customer approved Innovator™ for global deployment. This was a remarkable achievement for a young company and one that we could never have accomplished without Persistent. The success of this initial deployment helped secure a sizable seed round from our venture investors and ultimately launch our company.

Today, Innovator™ provides the innovation and intellectual property foundation for many leading technology companies, including: Sony, ITT Industries, Johnson Controls, Respironics, Dana Corporation and more.

Ultimately, our decision to choose Persistent proved to be invaluable and helped to establish the course for our company. We simply could not have achieved what we did without them."

-- Co-founder and CEO, MindMatters Technologies, Inc.

"The system that Persistent Technologies created for us was extraordinary!  With this state-of-the art software system, our entire business process has been significantly streamlined. As recruiters in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, we now have the ability to process and manage a larger number of job requisitions in a shorter amount of time.

Persistent Technologies’ expertise helped us realize numerous ways to make our entire recruiting process more efficient. New refinements and enhancements consistently led to significant benefits without the expense of system downtime. Each new deployment was basically flawless. As a smaller company with little or no in house IT resources, the ability to embrace such a complex system with little or no support requirements has been priceless.

All in all, the cost of engagement with Persistent Technologies was well worth it."

-- President/CEO, Biopharm Connect

Manufacturing/General IT Services Case Studies

"As a group, we have a great pool of talent to help maintain and enhance the automation control and information systems we support. These systems encompass many platforms and versions, from old PLCs to new cutting edge, from DOS to the latest Microsoft has to offer.The health of these systems is vital to the proper operation of our production facility. However, at times certain challenges arise that require specialized expertise that extends beyond our capabilities. In these situations we rely upon Persistent Technologies. Persistent Technologies' commitment and dedication has provided us invaluable troubleshooting and application support services for GE Fanuc’s CIMPLICITY HMI software package, as well as support for other general IT communication and computer systems.

Responsiveness, expertise, and a friendly business relationship has allowed us to feel very comfortable with relying on Persistent Technologies to help solve some of our more challenging technology problems."

-- Additional comments --

"Our steel mill demands production without any lost time to I.T. or P.L.C. issues. With the support we get from Persistent Technologies we can achieve these productions goals. Our experience with Persistent Technologies has proven that they are 1. Competent 2. Professional 3. friendly. We have a competent pool of Electronics support Technicians but at times are challenged beyond our ability. At Severstal Wheeling when we have I.T. or P.L.C. technology problems that exceed our ability we rely on ONE and only ONE company -- Persistent Technologies. We have NEVER had an incident where Persistent Technologies has not been able to solve our issue with 100% satisfaction. The level of expertise from Persistent Technologies is always above ANY challenge we have presented them. We have utilized Persistent Technologies in all areas of G.E. Fanuc P.L.C.'s and H.M.I's. as well as serious I.T. issues. We rely totally on Persistent Technologies when we need answers beyond our capacity."

-- Caster Electronics Support Team, Severstal Wheeling

Technical Marketing Case Studies

"I'm blown away. The demo looks fantastic!...I showed it to some of the developers and got comments like "how did he do that?" Everyone loves the speech synthesis...Thanks a million for your efforts to date. You're giving us the tool we always needed to sell the product."

-- Another satisfied customer

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