There is no question that technology moves at a lightning fast pace with what can seem like too many options. However, properly harnessing such a large and sometimes complicated toolset is invaluable when striving to develop the perfect solution. Embracing the "the simpler, the better" philosophy is NOT always the best approach. All available tools should be considered to ensure a customer ends up with a system that effortlessly performs its intended function, and is easy to maintain.

It is our passion to track this vast sea of technology and pick out what pieces work best for each project. To correctly put these pieces together, it's not always about using so-called industry proven best practices and design patterns. It requires working harder and smarter while pushing the limits to think outside of the box. Correctly done, leveraging the right technology can be -- and should be -- made to look easy.

In the end, regardless of the selection of technology used, you end up with a system design that is reliable, maintainable, and simple to deploy and operate. You end up with a system design that you will feel comfortable embracing.

Clients Feedback
"Persistent Technologies designed and implemented an elegant and cost effective solution..."

-- President/CEO, Biopharm Connect
"Persistent Technologies (PT) played a vital role in the success of this rather lengthy and complicated project...."

-- Senior Process Engineer, Allegheny Ludlum
"Ultimately, our decision to choose Persistent proved to be invaluable and helped to establish the course for our company...."

-- Co-founder and CEO, MindMatters Technologies, Inc.
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