Persistent Technologies provides state-of-the-art IT solutions at prices any size business can afford. Whether helping to streamline and control your business/manufacturing processes, or providing you a means to bring an innovative idea to market, our experience and expertise can maximize your business potential.

The IT services we provide include:

Large business class IT solutions at small business prices!


IT Infrastructure Modernization

IT Infrastructure Modernization An outdated IT Infrastructure leads to increased security threats and vulnerabilities, higher operation and maintenance costs, greater risks associated with functional or architectural changes, and an inability to rapidly adapt to changing business needs.

The bottom line -- without taking action you are unnecessarily surrendering an advantage to your competition.

Contact Persistent Technologies TODAY to effortlessly and affordably modernize your IT infrastructure and put your business back on track.

Indispensable benefits of a modern IT Infrastructure include:

  • Significant reduction of total cost of ownership
  • Maximized agility
  • Increased availability
  • Tighter security
  • Greater utilization of compute, storage, and network resources -- maximizing investments
  • Improved system responsiveness
  • Better data protection and disaster recovery options
  • Minimized risks

Components of a modern IT infrastructure consist of:

  • Cutting-edge server and full function device solutions
  • Virtualization
  • Private/public/hybrid clouds -- IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Mobile computing
  • Operations management & monitoring
  • Data center orchestration and automation
  • Security Analytics


Custom/Integrated Line-of-Business Solutions

Custom Application Development Nobody knows your business, markets, customers, and competition, better than you. You’re constantly thinking of new ways to improve how your organization runs. Putting your winning ideas into action will help separate yourself from the competition -- given you have the right solutions. Solutions that provide exactly the functionality that you need, to allow you to operate the way you want.

Relying strictly on off-the-shelf software -- the "one size fits all" approach -- has several drawbacks. Such applications tend to be quite costly and are bloated with functionality you'll never use -- or they lack the specific features you desperately need!

Your user community may find them too difficult to use -- greatly diminishing any return on investment. Too often they require a larger infrastructure and thus higher maintenance costs. New feature enhancements or customization can be difficult – if not impossible.

Although sometimes necessary, starting from scratch isn't always the smartest idea either!

So what do you do?

The answer: rely on the extensive capabilities of Persistent Technologies to provide affordable solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. You don't have to accept compromises!

If it doesn't exist -- you must PERSIST!


Mobile Workforce Solutions

Mobile Solutions We provide mobile workforce solutions that allow your organization to both manage and maximize the capabilities of today's mobile devices. The power of these devices is truly astonishing and leveraging this power can give your organization a significant competitive advantage.

Proper management and monitoring of these devices and their associated applications -- combined with protection of sensitive corporate data accessed on them -- can't be overstated. We have the expertise to design and deliver affordable solutions best suited for your unique business and technology needs that properly address these vital considerations.

An often untapped advantage that mobile devices provide comes from solutions designed to give mobile users access to crucial line-of-business applications. Such solutions can be developed to operate across multiple form factors devices -- thus maximizing your investment. Depending on your operational practices, still even greater benefits can be realized by leveraging powerful mobile device hardware, such as motion/position sensors and cameras, in innovative ways that can drive your mobile workforce to previously unimagined levels of productivity.

Look ma no hands!

Speech enabled personal digital assistants have recently emerged as highly effective tools that provide hands-free virtual assistance to mobile users. Using their voice users can dictate texts and emails, check their schedules, ask for directions, and track flights -- just to name a few valuable tasks.

This same concept can be applied to broaden the reach and effectiveness of your line-of-business infrastructure. Mobile workforce personnel can use their voice to perform hands-free functions to remain highly productive and responsive: it's like having your personal assitant shadow you!

Use case scenarios might include:

  • Product pricing inquiries
  • Product lead time and inventory inquiries
  • Workflow management/coordination
  • Requests for quotes (RFQs)
  • Customer product support requests
  • Conference room scheduling


IT Proof-of-Concept (POC)

IT Proof-of-Concept (POC) A proof-of-concept (POC), also known as a proof of principle, is a small test or exercise whose purpose is to ascertain if an approach, idea, or design has merit and thus potential for real world application. A POC doesn't produce a solution but instead provides confidence to proceed forward with implementation -- or insight to move in another direction.

For IT projects, POCs can be used to verify feasibility or usefulness of proposed infrastructure architecture modifications, new line-of-business functionality, or adoption of new mobile workforce solutions.

Developing a POC for your IT project(s) allows you to:

  • Validate a design or an idea before making an investment in something that could end in failure
  • Ensure requirements are fully understood by all involved parties
  • Establish alternative approaches that may lead to a better outcome
  • Validate technical requirements
  • Identify issues that might prevent success
  • Gain a better idea of implementation/development efforts

Reasons to outsource your IT POC projects include:

  • For manufacturers, elimination of risks associated with testing on a production environment
  • Elimination of hardware, software, and manpower costs required to develop and test a POC
  • Added value gained from the perspective of an outside entity

Developing and executing a POC is not an easy task. It requires access to the right resources and expertise. Persistent Technologies can economically provide you with both.



Conversions/Upgrades The "It isn't broken so don't fix it" philosophy isn't always the best approach to take when it comes to IT systems that play a vital role in manufacturing and business processes. There are REAL potential hazards with embracing this position.

Such hazards can include security breaches, operational interruptions, and missed sales opportunities. In our view, a more proactive approach typically makes more sense.

In addition to avoiding disastrous situations, other key benefits to being proactive can include:

  • Improved functionality
  • Increased productivity
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Increased security
  • Higher availability
  • Increased user access and reach
  • Lower cost of ownership and reduced maintenance

Any or all of these can help keep you ahead of your competition.

Persistent Technologies is a great source for offering affordable services to upgrade/convert your systems.

Don't wait until something catastrophic occurs to deal with your outdated IT systems and software!


Technical Marketing

Technical Marketing You may only get one chance to convey the capabilities of your technology products to your potential customers. As a result, you need to make your sales and marketing efforts as effective as possible.

Product demonstrations are some of the most effective sales and marketing tools. In addition to conveying the capabilities of your products, these marketing vehicles provide a powerful mechanism to get your sales and marketing personnel engaged with your customers. As an added benefit, they can also be used as effective training instruments.

Let us create fun, captive, and easy to use demonstrations to help you sell your products and services!

Click here for feedback from a very satisfied customer that used Persistent Technologies to create a highly engaging demo.


Custom IT/Technology Training

Training Persistent Technologies provides services for developing custom technology training to meet your specific learning and business objectives. Local on-site custom training can reduce travel & living costs and significantly increase productivity.

Our approach to custom technology training starts by assessing the culture and day-to-day operations of your workforce. This gives us an idea of what knowledge base is required to improve productivity. From there we determine where the knowledge gaps exist.

Using this information, we can create a curriculum customized for the skills your staff needs. Why waste anyone's time learning things that won't be used -- simply to receive a certificate of attendance?

Let us create effective engaging technology training programs to propel your business forward!


IT Think Tank

IT Think Tank Reality dictates that at some point you are going to experience a problem with an IT system for which you are unable to find a solution. The problem may be any of the following:

  • A crucial function is not operating as designed
  • The system is unresponsive
  • The user experience is not intuitive or captivating
  • Your system lacks a critical function that would make it more effective

To find a solution, you may try to rely on the developers of the system. You might have your own IT staff work on the problem. You may even try numerous hotlines provided by vendors of some of the software products used in the system.

Unfortunately, too often, none of these attempts work for various reasons. Those involved in trying to solve the problem may not have enough information about the system, or they may have the wrong information. Sometimes they will just lose the will to find an answer. The bottom line is, you'll waste time and money, and the problem will still exist.

To find a solution to these problems, it first requires expertise in a number of disciplines. It also requires the ability to use the right tools to collect the right information. Above all, it requires the right attitude--Persistence! Persistent Technologies offers the perfect balance of all of these.

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