For Manufacturers

Manufacturing IT Services Persistent Technologies offers cost-effective innovative IT services for manufacturing. These services are targeted to help production personnel:

  • Reduce overall IT administrative costs
  • Take control of their IT needs without relying on slow re-acting corporate IT resources
  • Securely gain increased mobile/remote access to key assets -- without the use of VPNs
  • Maximize IT infrastructure investments
  • Stay up-to-date with the fast furious pace of current technology
  • Embrace the benefits of incorporating new technology without the headaches
  • Troubleshoot nuisance IT related problems

Our services are backed with over 30 years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting manufacturing automation control and information technology systems. This experience combined with our technology expertise makes Persistent Technologies a great choice for providing your manufacturing IT needs.

Custom Software Solutions

Persistent Technologies has almost 2 decades of demonstrated success delivering custom software solutions that provide crucial functionality missing from off-the-shelf offerings -- helping to drive up productivity and reduce costs.

IT Infrastructure Modernization

A properly designed and implemented modern IT Infrastructure is just as important with a manufacturing process as it is with a business process. However, most manufacturing facilities don't have access to IT personnel properly equipped with the expertise to meet their needs. Persistent Technologies can provide that expertise.

Think about it – your factory floor workloads and applications are useless if you can’t keep your servers/datacenters running in a secure, manageable, and cost-effective way.
Clients Feedback
"Persistent Technologies designed and implemented an elegant and cost effective solution..."

-- President/CEO, Biopharm Connect
"Persistent Technologies (PT) played a vital role in the success of this rather lengthy and complicated project...."

-- Senior Process Engineer, Allegheny Ludlum
"Ultimately, our decision to choose Persistent proved to be invaluable and helped to establish the course for our company...."

-- Co-founder and CEO, MindMatters Technologies, Inc.
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