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Entrepreneurs Persistent Technologies is a great source for entrepreneurs or startup companies looking to quickly and cost effectively bring a product or service to market that is based on software/information technologies -- or requires these technologies as an operational/delivery vehicle.

However, it's not just about fulfilling the needs of defined specifications. We want to work with you as a team to realize the full potential of your innovative ideas. Your success is our passion!

Leverage our experience, technology expertise, and desire to succeed to fully achieve your goals.

Check out this testimonial from a very satisfied customer that used Persistent Technologies to not only launch their product/service, but their company as well.

You don't need a million dollars to launch a million dollar idea!
Clients Feedback
"Persistent Technologies designed and implemented an elegant and cost effective solution..."

-- President/CEO, Biopharm Connect
"Persistent Technologies (PT) played a vital role in the success of this rather lengthy and complicated project...."

-- Senior Process Engineer, Allegheny Ludlum
"Ultimately, our decision to choose Persistent proved to be invaluable and helped to establish the course for our company...."

-- Co-founder and CEO, MindMatters Technologies, Inc.
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